Where Do The Children Play? - Protecting Toronto’s Playing Fields

TORONTO (June 3, 2014) — Today, Mayoral Candidate Karen Stintz is proposing three initiatives to protect the fields where our kids play: partnering with the private sector to secure funding to repair and improve fields; consolidating and simplifying the operations of all playing fields - including those owned by school boards under the city’s management, and, calling on the City and Province to work together to stop the sale of school board playing fields.

At the start of her Mayoral campaign, Karen highlighted the importance of investing in City owned playing fields and her opposition to the sale of playing fields by school boards. She identified the loss of green space and the poor state of repair of playing fields as a problem for neighbourhoods and the children looking for places to play. 

“With the help of my Council colleagues, we are on track to get the legal agreements in place so playing fields across the City can be improved through private sector investment,” said Karen. “I want to thank MLSE for being the first company to step forward to partner with the City.” 

Karen also wants the City to take over the operations of all City fields and the leasing of all school board fields in Toronto. “By consolidating the operations of all fields, City owned and school board owned, it’s easier for teams and community groups looking for places to play. I want to establish ‘Fields Toronto’ a simple, one stop on-line shop to book fields anywhere in Toronto.”

“Finally, I call on the Province and the City to work together to stop the sale of school board playing fields. School boards operate within the provincial umbrella and we need to find a common sense approach that ensures we don’t lose valuable green space in Toronto. I would like to applaud the leadership role on this issue from the Toronto Sports Council.”

“I have a track record of getting things done at City Hall by working with my colleagues and community groups. I’ve been working on initiatives like this to link funding to improving our community assets and neighbourhoods.”

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